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Molzana and Coherence, Better Together

Molzana is excited to announce that we are merging into our sister agency Coherence. We want to share with all of you that while we had a very good time working as part of Cohaesus this is the beginning of a better (if possible) time!

Pepsi: Where’s My Jet?, A Real Life Lesson.

The recent Netflix miniseries released in 2022 showed us how to make a very expensive mistake. We won’t get…

Unraveling the Mystery of Google Algorithm Updates: Adapting to Constant Changes in SEO

Unlock the secrets of Google algorithm updates and learn how to adapt to the constant changes in SEO. Navigate the challenges, stay ahead of the curve, and ensure your website’s success in the dynamic world of search engine rankings.

Data Strategy

AI and Machine Learning in SEO: Challenges and Opportunities

AI and Machine Learning in SEO: What to expect and how to adapt. Discover the power of these technologies and the impact they can have on your digital marketing efforts.

Solutions for Start-Ups

Data Silos vs. Integration: A Battle in SEO and Analytics

Discover the battle between data silos and integration in SEO and analytics. Learn how integrated data can provide holistic insights and drive success in digital marketing.

Solutions for Agencies

Semantic Search and SEO: Navigating Natural Language Processing

Explore the dynamic landscape of semantic search and NLP in SEO. Learn how to navigate the evolution of search engines and optimise your content for user intent.

Voice Search and the Future of SEO: Preparing for New Challenges

The rise of voice search demands a shift in SEO strategy. Find out how to optimise for conversational queries, featured snippets, and local SEO to stay competitive

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What are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals constitute a set of specific metrics that Google employs to assess the loading performance, interactivity, and…

Analysis Paralysis: Simplifying Data Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Overthinking, indecision, and information overload – we unravel the dynamics of analysis paralysis and offer practical solutions for better decision-making.

Solutions for Agencies

Data Privacy and SEO: Navigating User Consent and Tracking Restrictions

In the evolving digital landscape, data privacy is key. Discover the challenges of user consent and tracking restrictions and find strategies to thrive in the SEO game.

Link Building Challenges: Strategies for Building Quality Backlinks

Discover the hurdles of link building and explore effective strategies to conquer them. Learn how to build quality backlinks that boost your website’s authority and SEO ranking

Solutions for Businesses

Local Packs on the Rise: Navigating Localised Search Results in SEO

Local SEO is booming with local packs on the rise. Get ahead in the game by discovering strategies to shine in local search results and enhance your user experience.

Balancing User Experience and SEO: Strategies for SEO Success

Balancing User Experience with SEO is essential for online success. Explore proven strategies to enhance your website’s performance, cater to users, and rank higher in search results.

Competitive Analysis in SEO: Tools, Techniques, and Insights

Unlock SEO potential with Competitive Analysis. Discover top tools and proven techniques for higher rankings and gain valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies

Why an SEO Strategy is the Best Option for The Finance Industry

In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, competition among finance companies and services is fiercer than ever before. With countless options…

What is Growth Marketing in 2023?

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. In 2023, the marketing landscape has…

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