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Whiskey.. meet Artificial Intelligence

Whiskey distilleries are the latest to trial advanced optimisation of their products with the help of A.I.

T-Mobile Data Breach Exposes the Personal Data of 40 Million US Customers.

What can we learn from the T-Mobile data breach and how can your business mitigate security risk?

AI on a budget

5 ways your business can start using AI today

Footballer Kevin De Bruyne uses data analytics in new contract negotiations

Could this new approach become the norm in professional sports?

What is Data Governance?

Find out about Data Governance and how it can benefit your organisation

High Profile Data Errors

A view of recent data errors, their ramifications and learnings to ensure data is reliable

What is Google Search Console?

How to set up and use GSC

How to set up Google Analytics 4 for your website

Use GA4 to capture valuable data and learn about your visitors

Big Data in Professional Sport

How big data is enhancing the sporting world

Quick Take: Big Data Analytics Concepts You Should Already Know About in 2021.

5 of the top data technologies worth knowing about in 2021.

Top tips to maximise your Google Tag Manager account

How to setup and structure your GTM account.

Google Analytics – How to Analyse Data Trends

All you need to know about this very powerful technique used to measure the marketing campaigns and website performance.

The Top Big Data Technologies 2020

What are they and what are the benefits?

The UK Government’s Excel Test and Trace Data Gaffe Explained

We examine the UK government’s high-profile data gaffe to see what the ramifications were and find out how it could have been avoided.

How Big Data Will Impact E-commerce in 2020

As E-commerce grows, so does the amount of data that is generated and stored every day.

Why Customer Journey Mapping is Crucial

Find out why customer journey mapping is crucial to your business strategy.

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