Molzana and Coherence, Better Together

Molzana is excited to announce that we are merging into our sister agency Coherence. We want to share with all of you that while we had a very good time working as part of Cohaesus this is the beginning of a better (if possible) time!

Synergies always bring positive results and we’re excited to announce that Molzana is joining Coherence to create a combined strategic data, analytics, design and engineering capability within the Cohaesus Group.

With technologies such as generative AI, machine learning and ever more sophisticated approaches to personalisation – alongside the move to zero party data – Coherence is shaping its services to bring the next generation of integrated digital marketing technology platforms to clients and their audiences.

Molzana will bring deep expertise in having helped brands from many sectors such as HS1, Subway, Cancer Research UK and the British Business Back among others, to manage everything from data warehousing, conversion rate optimisation, and automation to catered search engine optimisation strategies.

As our sister agency we have been working closely before and with Molzana emerging into Coherence, we have the great opportunity to continue doing what we do better, offering data-driven decisions to clients, minimising errors and providing exceptional results. We share the same mindset where no client is the same as others and they are the centre of what we do, that’s why we have done well together in the past and why now it’s the beginning of even better times. 

Together we create a team pioneering the Cohaesus Group’s approach to data analysis, generative AI, conversation design, SEO, search and user journey optimisation – alongside our work in user centered design, user research, engineering and support.

Come and talk to us to find out how we could help your business:

What is Data Governance?

Find out about Data Governance and how it can benefit your organisation

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Reporting Consultancy

We provide insights and commentary so you can truly understand website and campaign performance and plan killer optimisations.

App & Mobile Analytics

Digital Analytics Consultancy

Let’s turn your Web Analytics data into insight. Our certified web analytics team have vast expertise across Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics and Tag Management Systems.

Data Strategy

Every business needs a data strategy to understand the needs of their company and make smart technology decisions.

Data Strategy

Business Intelligence

Powerful Business Intelligence solutions that allows for seamless integration of your key data sets, automated and in the hands of your business decision makers.

Business Intelligence

Tag Implementation

With up to 150 tags on some website, Molzana’s tag management and implementation services ensure that your data gets collected while your website remains unaffected.

Report Automation & Dashboards

Elegant and automated, Molzana’s reporting team can create amazing dashboard and report solutions to help your business get to insights and decisions quicker.

Report Automation & Dashboards

Visitor Behaviour

Understanding visitor behavior is vital to understanding how visitors interact with website content and marketing channels.

Visitor Behaviour

Consumer Insight

Consumer Trends & Insight hold the key to understanding your audience. Beyond simple reporting, Molzana can help turn your insight into action.

Consumer Insights

App & Mobile Analytics

We assist in providing powerful insight into iOS, Android & Windows Apps as well as Mobile Websites.

App & Mobile Analytics

Marketing Optimisation

We scrutinise user behaviour, audiences, ad copy and landing pages to improve performance.

Data Strategy

Getting Ready For Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Get UK based expert support in implementing GA4 tracking for your website and avoid losing valuable data before July…

Solutions for Start-Ups

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Consultancy

Conversion Rate Optimisation is essential for ensuring your site performs in terms of driving sales, leads or sales development.

Report Automation & Dashboards

Data Science

We take your historic data to look into the future with pinpoint accuracy.

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