Data Science

We take your historic data to look into the future with pinpoint accuracy.

Far beyond traditional data analysis

We use a range of scientific methods, processes and algorithms to extract knowledge and insights from your data. Large, complicated data sets can be hard work, but with our advanced technique we can make sense of noisy, unstructured data.

Our data science services

Our data science teams in London and Manchester cover a variety of core data science services, including:

  • Advanced analysis and insights
  • Predictive analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Propensity modelling
  • Attribution modelling


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Core applications

Data science can be applied in a number of different scenarios to achieve a wide range of objectives, including:

  • Marketing channel optimisation and strategy
  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Real time and predictive decisioning
  • User behaviour cohorts
  • Loyalty, Retention and Churn propensity


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Meet the team

Our team works between our London and Manchester offices and come from a variety of technical and marketing backgrounds. We love what we do and that shows in our output and long-standing client relationships.


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