AI & Digital Analysts: Threat or Opportunity?

Are you threatened or enthusiastic about AI? Learn how to turn AI in a great tool for data analytics.

As a Digital Analyst, you’ll likely have noticed that AI is the big thing being talked about on social media at the moment, and to say it’s a divisive topic is something of an understatement.

On the one side, there are the champions of AI who fully embrace this evolving technology; on the other are those who see it as a disaster and the thing that will remove the need for their jobs overnight.

There are also those in the middle who don’t have strong opinions of AI either way but are curious about learning more.

Whichever side you fall on, this post will provide a little more understanding of AI and determine whether it should be viewed as a threat or opportunity for digital analysts.

What Digital Analysts and AI Have in Common?

Digital analysts play an important role in any business by using complex data and analytics to help companies understand customer behaviour, tailor their products and services, and develop a better customer experience.

Similarly, AI, as it becomes more sophisticated, is able to process and understand data, including natural language, which allows it to handle and automate many of the tasks typically carried out by a digital analyst.

Is AI Really a Threat?

With the rise in AI technology and its growing ability to handle more complex tasks, many digital analysts are naturally worried about what this means for their jobs and whether AI will replace them in the future.

However, it’s important to remember that AI is still very much in its infancy and doesn’t possess the level of critical thinking or creativity that humans require for many jobs. 

Many people, including many digital analysts, believe that AI is not a threat to their jobs but should be embraced as another tool they can use to help them work better.

How Digital Analysts Can Use AI to Work Better?

As a digital analyst, you can use AI to help you work better and more efficiently thanks to its capabilities when it comes to automating many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks you find yourself doing on a daily basis, such as data collection, cleansing, and visualisation – allowing you to focus on the bigger picture analysis and strategy.

AI can also be helpful by being able to offer insights and recommendations that would be difficult or impossible for humans to discover, such as patterns and correlations in large and complex data sets, which will ultimately improve the quality of the work you do and give you a competitive edge.

Much of the technology we use today, especially computers, was at one point viewed as a threat that would replace many jobs. Yet, we now use them because they help us do our jobs better and more efficiently.

So, ultimately AI can be looked at in the same way by digital analysts – as a helpful tool to make things easier rather than a threat that removes the need for your role. 

Technology is changing daily, and love it or hate it, AI is here to stay, so adapting to and embracing change will help you stay relevant and become more successful in the long term.

We hope this post helped calm some of your fears about AI and allowed you to see how you can use it to your advantage.

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